Cats and Wolves help?

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  1. Ive gotten a couple of cats and managed to tame them into 2 siamese cats but they dont walk around or move at all they just sit there and dont teleport anywhere and cannot be breeded with raw fish, same with my wolves they just sit there now when they used to move around and follow me... any idea what the problem could be? I dont want to start over because ive already had 2 cats and a villager despawn on me, any help would be appreciated... thanks
  2. My wolves used to do this sometimes, I found by destroying the blocks underneath them and patting them to make him stand up usually fixes it.
  3. thanks for the quick reply shaunwhite :).. that worked for the wolves but still nothing with the cats they just sit there
  4. a bucker of water ussaly works for me :) then i used a bucket of lava :(
  5. I haven't played with them much yet, but you could always turn them into eggs and respawn them again and tame them, you need a few fish though from what I've heard. :)
  6. ok nvm figured it out i shoulda known that u cant have both wolves and cats follow u, i had to get rid of the wolves and now the cats are fine and can be bred too :)
  7. ahh nice, good to know. :)
  8. well hold on turns out i had 1 wolf that was still tamed too that i didnt see, so you can have both a wolf and cat follow you but maybe i had too many wolves before (4) and it wouldnt let me do anything with the cats?
  9. Here they are, my little siamese cat family lol :)

  10. awwwwww sooo cute :)
  11. This is a glitch where cats become unresponsive for some unknown reason. Minecraft will probably fix it in a patch soon. For now, try throwing an egg or a fishing pole at them. It will do some damage, but they will jump up, run around for a little bit and you should be able to interact with them again. If you cant right away, run a little distance to make them start following you again and they should be good to go. Annoying, but a fix nonetheless.
  12. rigrt click em
  13. wish I had thought of that. I feel stupid now.
  14. did it work?
    it has to
  15. all my animals are working fine now but this was an issue where for a day or so they didnt move from sitting to standing and right clicking didnt do anything but idk since then everything has been fine with the ocelots and wolves no despawning or anything, my mooshrooms and pigs are another story though, they are master escape artists lol
  16. houdiny had a farm? lol:)
  17. u can stack fish
  18. No. That was sarcasm. Its a bug. Right clicking doesnt always work.
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