Cat scan

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  1. I need to get a cat scan friday and i was wondering if i should be worried abou anything with them?
    (if u are wondering why i pretty well screwed my neck up)
  2. I had one done last year. There's nothing to worry about, just a warm fuzzy feeling :p
  3. very fuzzy just think of nice and cute cats
  4. Nah, not really. I've been through probably 10-15 in my life (yeah, I get hurt a lot). I always get a little nervous but everything has always turned out fine.
    It's nuclear medicine you have to fear...I had to have isotope stuff done last year when my gallbladder went bad...BRUTAL! I haven't ever puked that much in my life
    Best of luck to ya both with your scan and your injury:D
  5. ty
  6. Cats have sharp claws, be careful.
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  7. And pointy teeth.
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  8. But they do have big cute eyes.. and that's what they scan you with. So as long as their eyes are all big and gooey you'll be fine. Oh and of course if they're purring that's a good sign the machine is working right ;)
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