Cat Mario

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    For all who have not seen this amazing game. you should play it.... like now. I have only played the first level so far, but be prepared to die... a lot. Might just be one of the most frustrating games you have played.

    I am waiting on finishing the game to do it with a friend (as a competition to see who can finish it first)
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  2. sounds like a challenge? who can beat it first? >: D
    EDIT: Challenge accepted >: D
  3. I already have someone IRL. lol. We played the first level - just need to finish it off.
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  4. Please no. The pain
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  5. I cant start, I played for 5 mins and noticed that it would end up with me only playing that, plz nu.
  6. I played this after vsauce showcased it. OMG NO.
  7. can i have a screenshot? i want to know what im getting into
  8. I watched Tobuscus play this game and was laughing my ass off at his frustration.
  9. Two people in my class are already obsessed with this...
  10. Dat game is hard, WAT there be like invisible blocks that block u from teh life saving jumps yo
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  11. The best part about Cat Mario is the use of Cheetahmen's soundtrack.
  12. Oh god its cookie clicker all over again!!!!!
    *plays it anyways*
  13. I finally beat level one \\//,,
  14. Whellp. Got stuck on the last level. Rage quit last night.
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  15. I know how you feel.
  16. On the level 3.... Taking a break from it.
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  17. *Flexes fingers* Looks like the ol' gaming sausages want a challenge. Accepted! Though I may not have time to do it today...
  18. ohhhhh myyyyyy gawddddddd
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  19. I know, right? Levels 5 and 6 (although still a troll); actually require some skill to complete.