Casualist Podcast!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Casualist, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I recently got my hands on new music broadcast software, and I started to figure out that EMC does not have anything official -- or unofficial so far dedicated for music (eg. Radio, podcasts or such). As I have past experience on radio hosting, I decided to give a go on a podcast and share it to you, the community!

    So, here is the plan: I'm trying to make a podcast show around electronic music and yes, I understand that everyone has their own taste in music, but some might think it as a good idea to have something to listen to that is ready and you might find something new while listening!

    In the past I used to host a radioshow few times a week in this one community that had an 24/7 radio. I'm not saying that I am "good" at this, but I am trying and this is more or less a learning experience for me.

    Because this podcast series is unofficial, it is not supported by the staff of EMC, meaning this podcast has to be here in the Miscellaneous forums, and might not get as much visibility as it would somewhere else in the website. I would much appriciate discussion/comments about the podcast, so that I can improve what I am doing, because I want to make this something that everyone can enjoy! Though I am taking comments and feedback, keep in mind that everyone does not like EDM and that is something I am aware of, so if your feedback is more of a genre issue, I'm sorry.

    I wanted to post this here, not quite sure how I will distribute the episodes, but I guess I'll find a good way eventually. All of the episodes are located in my personal SoundCloud, and they are locked as private due to copyright issues, because my intentions do not include sharing these podcasts to the rest of the world, only this community. So, here is the link to the first episode of Casualist Podcast, hopefully you enjoy :)
    (Remember to make sure your audio settings are not too high, soundcloud might have your audio up as default) -- And my deepest apologies for the cough in the beginning, really unprofessional :p