Castle builds on the empire.

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  1. Hey guys. Im getting a gold supportership soon, what this means is that I get an extra res. Now as the title sais I am looking for people who have built castles on the empire, or in a single player world. I am going to claim and make my self a castle for the community to look at it. It would also have rooms used as shops etc. Not a massive shopping area just misc and enchanted books etc. If you guys can show me that would be great. Also I would be willing to buy cobble wood etc. If you can give me a discounted price or donate that would be great. I will have buy and donation chests outside my current res. I will have this build places on utopia. I still want to see a castle on sp even if it is 1000x1000 thats still ok. Again thanks guys.
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  2. Sounds cool, maybe set up some chests so people can sell you supplies for a price.
  3. I have done that xD My res number is 15177 on smp7
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  4. I am most likely going to be unobtainable until the 16th of April :(
    But I will assist when I am able to access the server :)
    I would however request a plan for you castle;
    • what era are you looking at?
    • materials your planning on using?
    • is this defensive or passive?
    If you would like to see a passive castle I have built on the empire please visit -3153- on SMP2.
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  5. I want a castle that would look real. I would want one in the era medieval times but not SO much detail. If you have read rangers apprentice in that era of that time xD
    Thanks again I will check it out tomorrow when I am on EMC. 16th of Arpil lol one day before my BDAY!!! haha
    Materails: Cobble ,Wood ,slabs , stone bricks stone that kinda stuff
    And a defensive castle that can hold attacks in real life xD
  6. Yeh thats what I was thinking doing as well. You and I could do it together if you want?
  7. I can do it, I just finished a massive 120x120 castle in my sp map and I can just make it smaller and build it :) As long as you provide materials. Oh, and I would need some dirt for terraformation.

    So I'm working on this slowly, feel free to copy it for your build,
    Its more of something for me to do with lack of reliable connection than anything else,
    Give me some feed back on what you feel needs adding,
    I'm currently thinking just the single main gate with the walls continuing all around the residences, then building a keep in the center maybe along with buildings etc.
  9. I suggest not using cobble or wood at least not a ton of it because I personally think that it doesn't look as good as some other materials you could use. Try and be creative when you build this because I would love to see something creative and as awesome as this has the potential to be.
  10. Thanks you guys. I will keep testing out in SP etc. Just note that my current castle shop on smp7 is not a proper castle and will have no connection to my other castle.
  11. Currently I am trying to build it as close to realism will allow, I've worked out the structural weights of everything and have put cross joists everywhere that is needed, Once finished I will most likely copy the world and fancy it up a bit :)
    Also about to upload the fun I've had on this Idea over the last few days.
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  12. Awesome! What are good materials for it would you reckon?
  13. having problems accessing minecraftation,
    I'd stick with the cobble and wood if I were to build it on empire,
    Some people don't like them as matterials but if used correctly they can be amazing,
    The only things I've used on this are;

    Purple Wool,
    Red Wool,
    Oak logs,
    Oak planks, [stairs, slabs]
    Pine Logs,
    Pine planks, [stairs, slabs]
    Redstone [you'll see what for later]
    Cobblestone blocks, [Stairs, slabs]
    Cobblestone fence,
    Stone Brick, [stairs, Slabs]
  14. Awesome! Got skype? Maybe we can skype