[Casino] SC's OP Casino /v +Ind. (17174)

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  1. Informations
    - You can bring your own currency.
    - Have fun!

    -ShyGuyTheGamer1's video showcasing the casino!

    OP Slot Machines
    3 Slots with unique odds to satisfy each player!
    1- Give x1 Iron Ingot and get x1 Glowstone (1/4 easy)
    2- Give x1 Glowstones and get x1 Gold Ingot (1/16 medium)
    3- Give x1 Gold Ingot and get x1 OP book (1/32 hard)

    OP Bow Snipe
    3 Shooting grounds to choose from, the last one is hell!
    1- Give x2 Iron Ingot and get Glowstone (easy)
    2- Give x3 Iron Ingot and get x2 Gold Ingot (medium)
    3- Give x4 Iron Ingot and get an OP book (hard)

    OP Maze Interactive
    It will never be the same, so don't think doing it once makes you rich!
    Give x2 Iron Ingot and get :
    - x8 Glowstone or x32 Iron Ingot (easy)
    - x8 Gold Ingot or x4 Shiny Flesh (medium)
    - x1 OP book or x16 Diamonds (hard)

    OP Rewards Center
    Spend all the OP books and currency you won for prices!
    - Currency machines : You can buy all the needed items there to play!
    - OP machines : Come here to have great rewards in exchange of OP books.
    - Intels : Better be prepared than try 100 times, here are infos for the OP Maze.

    Screenshots of the casino!

    Come see by yourself!

    At last, have you're res featured in the casino in exchange of featuring mine. PM me for details!
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  2. Disclaimer : (Verified and approved! Baradar67 is a good staff to look for if redstone is involved.)


    Towards me :

    - Any tricks, cheats, bypass or whatever you find to abuse my games will be seen on my balance. You can then tell me what's the trick so I can fix it (Thanks for your honesty) or I will find it myself and res ban you.
    - If you try out the hard games and lose, it's normal they are not easy! I am not responsible for you using any empty games, there is detectors on every games telling you if it's stocked or not.
    - If you buy something in the OP Rewards Center by mistake, I can't give you a refund.
    - I reserve the right to decrease or increase the challenge of a game to make it sable.
    Towards players :

    My games are all POSSIBLE!
    - OP Slots are using stacked true/false triggers. (ex : 1/4 means I got 2 triggers stacked (2x2=4).
    - OP Bow Snipe doesn't have any false angle. Of course the medium and hard ones are not easy...
    - OP Maze will always have a price, unless the detector light says otherwise.
    Any fails of my part will be covered. (if it's true and proven). ex : If redstone glitches and shows that OP Maze is stocked and its false, same for OP Slots , etc. Proven with screenshot.
  3. Bump ! The casino is finally approved in the list of games :)
  4. Yo Stevie, I need your casino for a youtube video i will be doing. It is a regular EMC video, but also a showcase of Casinos. You will be our first one :)

    So I might need the casino for a bit, you can, invite some people too. I will pay 3K
  5. Nice :)
    You need to use it privatly for sometime? or you just want to film when playing in it?
  6. Well I figured I need you to help me function it, explain to me how the games work and such.

    Since you weren't there when I recorded I had to do it without the casino, but I will have an extra video at 5:30 EMC Time (When I record next time today). That will be the EMC Showcase. You will be our first person, represented. So Private usage and filming while playing it.
  7. Makes sence, perfect time to do it too. Sure :)
  8. Chances of op slot hard difficulty is now 1/32 since 1/64 was too much regarding the stats.
  9. Bump op books refilled
  10. Bump slots machines all cold :( come play!
  11. 3 op books stocked in hard difficulty op slot machine! If you win the 3 you can redeem a nice GOD bow of flame 2 !