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What should the odds of winning something more valueable be?

3/9 11 vote(s) 52.4%
4/9 4 vote(s) 19.0%
5/9 2 vote(s) 9.5%
6/9 4 vote(s) 19.0%
  1. So as some of you may now I'm building a casino at 1577 on smp1. Thanks to eviltoade's help the building itself is all done except for a stack of two of Circle Stone that no one sells for less than /shop :( lol. So last night I worked on the redstone games bit and have completed half of the floors.

    What I need YOUR help and input on is what should the odds of winning be and what items should be dispensed. The machines work by dispensing ONE item when a player buys from a chest. The chests sell dirt and will be Out Of Stock when the Dispensers are emptied so no one misses out on a prize if I forget to restock everything :p

    The prices for dirt on each floor are as follows:

    FLOOR 1:

    1st Machine: 50r
    2nd Machine: 75r
    3rd Machine: 100r
    4th Machine: 150r

    FLOOR 2:

    1st Machine: 200r
    2nd Machine: 250r
    3rd Machine: 300r
    4th Machine: 400r

    FLOOR 3:

    1st Machine: 500r
    2nd Machine: 750r
    3rd Machine: 1,000r
    4th Machine: 1,500r

    FLOOR 4:

    1st Machine: 2,500r
    2nd Machine: 5,000r
    3rd Machine: 7,500r
    4th Machine: 10,000r

    FLOOR 5:

    Undecided what machines I should do on the SECRET top floor :p

    So post what items you would want to be dispensed for each machine as a prize and the odds that you are most comfortable with! For the more expensive machines I plan on having the prize dropped be a promo but lower the odds of winning it. If you have any questions just ask and I will reply ASAP. :p
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  2. THANKS TO DEATHCONN WHO COMPLETELY CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA I finally finished the odds for each machine.

    Machines 1-3 on each floor will have a 2 in 9 chance of dropping a signed book by me which will be redeemed for the price of the next machine on the same floor. EXAMPLE BillyBob123 gambles on Machine 1 on Floor 1. The dirt cost him 50 whole rupees! He wins and gets the token. Since Machine 2 on Floor 1 sells the dirt for 75r each, He can sell the token for 75r each at the chest next to the machine. This may be confusing so I put it on a sign next to the machine telling the odds and its in the books thats used as tokens.

    Machines 4 on each floor will have a 1 in 9 chance of dropping a signed book by me which will be redeemed for TWICE what it was bought for. EXAMPLE BillyBob123 has had a good streak and can now afford to try his luck at Machine 4 on Floor 1. The dirt costs him 150r but hes half honey badger so he dont care. He wins the token and can sell it to the chest nearby for 300r so he gets back DOUBLE what he risked!

    Floor 1 is finished and operational as of 10/1/14 :D
    All floors finished and operational as of 10/6/14 :D
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  3. For the sake of profit, keep it below a 50% chance of winning. A 2/3 chance would not be profitable, and with 5/9 chance, you barely make profit. I think 1/3 (3/9) is good.
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  4. Thank you for your input snowlaf :p
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  6. Unless you have a game where you pay a ~500r fee and get 250r each time you win. You need to win 2x in a row to win and 3x to make money. But I would have 5/9 odds for that game myself.
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  7. thirds are not easily able to be possible ... the minum ease of chance would be 25% (4 hoppers)... the maximum being 50% (2 hoppers) .... 100% wouldn't be fun ... but 5 hoppers and above are possible if you want chances to be lower for more rare items ... like dragon eggs, promos, etc ....

    14.2% chance and below easily possible

    16.7% chance hoppers

    20% chance not easily possible without droppers

    25% chance hoppers

    33% chance not easily possible without droppers

    50% chance hoppers

    100% chance possible (but why bother? :3 )

    bigger the chance, lower the item of prize, maybe potions, heads, candy, etc

    lower chance be like beacons, promos, dragon eggs, enchanted books or armour
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  8. le bump, plz vote moar xD
  9. Bump finished all teh floors, shrek it out. Also I dropped my Alt's head into one of the "One mans trash" machines. If you buy it you can sell it to me for 5k :p