Casino area on smp8.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DOTD1997, May 4, 2012.

  1. At my residence on smp8 (16074) i have made ,with a big help from asasin318, a casino. Asasin318 made the first one, which was a small version. i made a more advanced version. It's a dispenser contraption that shoots out items. I stock it with diamonds, iron, gold and coal. Also with redstone. Withe every good item comes a crap one...

    I, of course, put in bad ones to make it more balanced. Crap items include (all are x1): cobblestone, wood plank, egg, chicken spawn egg, flint, sapling (rarely jungle).

    It only works when i'm online unless you use Kingcobra9's version. Mine is the sandstone one, his is the cobblestone one.

    1 try is 20r 9chance to win diamonds, that is fair.)
    2 tries is 40r
    3 tries is 50r (Discount by 10 :) )

    Lapis block
    gold (rarely, i can't seem to find any in wild)

    If i run desperately low, i do end up buying some of the rares. I wont normally though.

    Stop by if you want a chance to win diamonds though!
    (Don't have a res there? I can arrange a room for you. I can simply build u one if needed.)