Casino 1187&1295 Donations Needed!

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  1. Hello,
    I have recently opened a casino but I have no rupees any more after a big win set me back to take bets. I am looking for donations!
    Brennian - 15,000 MEGA THANKS!
    PureBredGaeilge - 2,884 SUPER THANKS!

    I really hope I get donations, all donations come with a chance for a job in the casino and access to VIP lounge (when I build it).
    Thanks, I have recieved many positive comments on how fun the casino is, so I hope I can get back to work!
    Thanks a lot
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  2. First reply, first donation! 2,884r!

    EDIT: I would not be interested in the job, just in the well being of the casino :D
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  3. Donated 15k :)

    Good luck with it !
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