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  1. alright so i was wanting to get everyones opinions on 2 cars i have in mind as im looking around at what car to get very soon and these 2 i thought would be good to start with.

    first the mazda 6 2015 model
    second the mazda CX-5 also 2015 model

    i would have posted pictures but its late and.....well too tired but maybe you guys/gals can google through pictures and see how each of them look and let me know your opinions on their looks and which you prefer.
  2. Me, Personally, The Cx5. Would run better where I live.
  3. These are both very reliable, fun to drive, practical, and all around good cars. What matters most to you? Do you want something with stellar gas mileage and a lower price, or do you want something that can take on snow and something that has more space?

    I recommend the CX-5 if you need to haul lots of items and need the space, or if you live in a snowy environment.

    I recommend the 6 if you want to save a bit of cash, have something a little more engaging to drive, get better MPG, and plan to haul people more than items.

    I needed a car for the Colorado winters, but the CX-5 was a little out of my price range. I went with a used car, but a good competitor for both these cars are any cars by Subaru. The XV Crosstrek, Legacy, or Forester are all very good cars which offer off-road advantages. Regarding small, decently cheap SUV's, the CX-5 is still probably the best out there. For a car similar to the Mazda 6, I consider the Volkswagen Passat extremely underrated. However, I still prefer the Mazda over a Passat, the Passat has better styling and is more spacious.
  4. Mazda Cx-5, REALLY great car! Love it so much. Come on, you know you want it! <3
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  5. Mazda CX-5!!!! :)