carrots not being able to grow

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  1. Dear Emc developers, i have found a bug, that when you "try" to plant carrots they can't be planted beside each other, now I'm no MineCraft genius but i pretty sure carrots don't need any specific needs to grow, except water and crop land, but i have known that some carrot/crops farms need special lighting, but i don't know if that the case for Emc, if yes i will figure it out the way i would do in vanilla/singleplayer.

    thank you for your time, i will be in touch.
  2. Heya Benny :)

    Make sure that the space you are growing your carrots in is well lit. Try placing some torches in area you are trying to grow the carrots, and then plant them.

    If I recall correctly, carrots need a light level of at least 9 in order to grow.

    I am able to grow/plant carrots with no issues on EMC.
  3. Thank you Moople, I did kinda find out you need a light level of 8 or 9, but thank you for your advice!
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