CARROTS and Night vision Potions!

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  1. Well, being the first person with carrots on EMC, I am glad to sell them to you. Unfortunately, there is no way to Monopolize carrots since they can be easily grown just with the purchase of one. So, I guess I shall sell them for the reasonable price for 200 per 16. I am also selling night vision potions for 70 ea.

    Carrots: 16 for 200

    night vision pot 8 mins: 1 for 70

    Res Number: 14095 (smp7)

    I guess somebody had to start the spread of carrots. Unfortunately, I won't get any credit nor will I make any money. Ah well.
  2. I wish i could come online now.... I really want to buy them
  3. Sir, you were not first.
  4. I guess there is no way to prove that is there. I received my carrots within 30 minutes of the update.
  5. Carrots? 16r for 200??
  6. store sells carrots? :[]

    PS. do they also sell wither skulls?
  7. No, store hasn't updated since 1.2