Cards Gem Casino! (50/50 CASINO W/ HUGE PRIZE

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  1. Hey! This is a project I've been working on for about the past 2 weeks, and I'm happy to announce that it's open! :D

    This Casino offers 5 machines, 4 of which are 50/50, and a diamond multiplier that is 4/9. You are likely to win each machine unlike other casinos, and the payouts are HUGE!

    For the rupee machines, you have a 50% chance of winning, and for the diamond multiplier, you have a 4/9 (about a 44.44%) chance.

    With the rupee machines, you could win 1.75x your bet!

    With the diamond multiplier, you could bet a diamond block and win 2 of them.

    Here are the machines w/ their price to play and payouts. :)

    Located: /v 7117 on smp3!


    Machine 1
    BET 10,000r
    WIN 17,500r
    Odds: 1/2 (50/50)
    Payout: 1.75x Bet

    Machine 2
    BET 50,000r
    WIN 87,500r
    Odds: 1/2 (50/50)
    Payout: 1.75x Bet

    Machine 3
    BET 100,000r
    WIN 175,000r
    Odds: 1/2 (50/50)
    Payout: 1.75x Bet

    Machine 4
    BET 250,000r
    WIN 437,500r
    Odds: 1/2 (50/50)
    Payout: 1.75x Bet

    BET Diamond Block
    WIN 2x Diamond Block
    Odds: 4/9 (44.44%)
    Payout: 2x Bet
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  2. it took all my money :p
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  3. bump! great odds w/ huge payouts!