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  1. I think a Car Mod would be great for this server so that you can drive around the town.
    Anyone outs agree?
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  2. We're a "french vanilla" server, meaning we try to stay mostly vanilla, even though we have a few plugins. One of the things the admin's won't do is add new blocks to the game. Also, this would give players with the mod an unfair advantage, because they could take their cars to the wild and go huge distances easily.
  3. bearfriend.png

    Let me introduce you to a friend of mine :)
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  4. They're all so fussy. Surely one of their bowls of porridge has to be just right.
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  5. Haha, funny :p
  6. Walking is healthier for Minecraftians ;)
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  7. No.

    Btw where's the bear?

    EDIT: Nvm I just saw him,he wasn't big enough.
  8. As said above, they are reluctant and resitant to add mods that change the core gameplay of minecraft, so this probably will not happen.
  9. NOPE! Chuck Testa.
  10. This wouldnt be a good idea, Im a terrible driver.

    I must say no.

    hey wheres that bear when you need it?
  11. The bear is up there lol i rhymed