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  1. Hello all,

    Well i am new to the server :3 and i like to start out by saying hey :D i have already became a supporter i think the empire will be an amazing experience for myself, i want to get to know as many of you as possible so ask me any questions you like (Appropriate)
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  2. Welcome to the empire, and thanks for already supporting this awesome server! I can assure you that you made a great choice by joining us. :)
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  3. Thank you! I'm sure i will enjoy my stay :D

    PS: is there anyway to change the default color and font when you type? :)
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  4. Hey welcome to emc :D we are glad to receive :3, have you choose your home server yet?
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  5. No i have not, im about to look around though, the only one iv been on so far is smp9 :)
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  6. Welcome to EMC!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire, and awesome name.
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  8. Thank you!

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  9. Aww cute signature! Welcome to EMC!
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  10. Welcome to EMC! You'll soon see whats so special about me :)
  11. Hello CaptainKittykins. nfell2009 is the highest spamming member on EMC.
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  12. Welcome to EMC! I can suggest SMP 4 as a good server where you could have one of your res's!
  13. Welcome to EMC! You will love utopia! ^_^
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  14. You dont have to give it away! >.< But im awesome :3 and once you read 1 letter from 1 post you have been nfell2009'd not nfell'd thats when I either:
    Spam your alerts
    You see my name on every recently active thread
  15. Try Out Smp7 Or 8, Those Are Pretty Fun :3
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  16. res', its because you cant have 2 s' so like with my name: Nicholas I have to do Nicholas' like there were loads of Nicholas'. It just a grammar rule :)
  17. Aha i'm rubbish with grammar and i am doing a English Literature gcse this year aha :)
  18. Welcome! All of the smp's here are great. I play on all of them, obviously :D
  19. Thank all of you for an amazing welcome! i would reply to all of you but its SO much :p
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