Captain inc. Dragon Tomb Squad

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  1. Hello fellow players,

    For a while, I had a Dragon Tomb team without a proper thread for it. The main purpose for the team was to collect Dragon Stone's and Fragments and in the end, go into the Dragon Tomb.

    I had a lot of people join and leave the team, and it all got confusing. And our original base was made in the wastelands because that's where I happened to be when the founders of this group thought of the idea.

    So, the reason this is under 'Wilderness Frontier' is simple, I will be making a new base for this team in the wilderness once I have a few members.

    If you were previously ever in the unofficial team, if you complete the form (with even wrong answers) you will automatically be let in :)

    To the main information:
    • The team will collect Dragon Stone's (made from fragments) and enter the Dragon Tomb once out :)
    • The team will make a base in (preferably a flatland or desert) the wilderness.
    • The team will be named under my company: Captain inc. So basically members of this team will be a sub-member of Captain inc. (Captain inc. is not yet official and no one can join the official company yet).
    ==Taking no more applications yet==

    Founder: captaincraft300
    Co-Founder: woblerbutsy102

    • BTHarrold98
    Other members:
    • tedrocker
    • Melk73
    • Golddigger221
    • Rundercaster
    • samsimx
    • kevdudeman
    • porphos
    • Gap524
    • Jake81201
    • hashhog3000
    • Bro_im_infinite

    EDIT: The base will be on smp9
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  2. Is your home server smp9? I wouldn't recommend having a base in the wild on any of the servers that you have a residence on. And I probably can't come because I'm already stuck helping a project soo... Maybe move it to a different server?
  3. Yes my home server is smp9, but there is a reason I got alts :)
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  4. H
    have you already found a base? Or are you still traveling to get one/ haven't started yet?
  5. We are just recruiting at the moment, once we have more members, we will start the base building.
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  6. I may try to join the team later today :)
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  7. Because i was in the unofficial team can you add me :)
  8. You have been accepted, yes.
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  9. Well I see my 4 alts might come in handy :)
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  10. 4 really? :eek: I got 2.
  11. I haz 4 accounts in total :3
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  12. I have a couple friends might actually be getting 5 next week :D
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  13. Could I join without applying or do I HAVE to apply to become a member? :)
  14. Would be better to apply :)
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  15. What do I have to do if I don't apply? :)
  16. this looks fun :D
  17. Nothing I guess, there is no other way of getting in the team.
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