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  1. As we all know, there are quite a few amazing build services, so I thought I'd put all my experience and skills in building into a service!
    Here I am, and here I am to serve your building needs.

    Skyscraper and tall building

    Professional Garden with bridge

    Beautiful interiors

    Simple but effective exterior design

    Inbox me details following the details below.
    Choose one from each row.

    Building Type | Stories | Quartz | Pillars=


    Please read the Important Information section below for info on what to pick.
    Please note: Every building/skyscraper you choose comes with a garden on the outside of it, please say if you would like that or not in your inbox.

    You are allowed:

    1. Stories: 1-3
    2. Quartz: Yes/No
    3. Pillars: Yes/No
    Price Range: 20-80k

    You are allowed:
    1. Stories: 4-6
    2. Quartz: Yes/No
    3. Pillars: Yes/No
    Price Range: 100-200k

    In inbox send me the following info about the garden:
    1. What things you want in it (Flowers, Trees, Leaves etc.)
    2. How many res's big
    Price Range: 5-20k

    Send an inbox to havioxs describing what you want.

    Available redstone structures:
    • Auto wheat farm
    • Auto potion brewer
    • Auto nether wart farm
    Price Range: 5-20k

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  2. Bump, new things added to the list and a new picture of a garden I've recently made :)
  3. The service is updated, this update includes:
    • The option for exterior decoration on buildings/skyscrapers.
    • You are now able to have 6 stories (floors) instead of 5 for skyscrapers.
    • New pictures in what i've made. Personally I think these are better and more detailed than my past posts! :)