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Do you hate it when people use caps

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yes 14 vote(s) 87.5%
no 1 vote(s) 6.3%
we're not allowed to use caps? 1 vote(s) 6.3%
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  1. I have noticed many players using caps, but there is one player who has been told many times to not use caps and he/she still does it. this player is named "REMOVED"

    i have tried many times to keep him from using caps, but he says stuff like "who says?" or "why not?"

    please help the empire with this situation, some people want to talk with their friends, therefor having to keep chat ON.

    I hope you can help us.

    Please don't post usernames in public. Send them to a moderator or admin.
  2. I've Noticed this myself, mainly because i have told him/her myself but the best thing i would reccomend as a fellow player is the Ignore Command. /ch Ignore (Name)
  3. what times and what server is he usually on
  4. Smp2, and i havent really taken note of the times he/she has been on im sure me and tshack will do that now ;)
  5. I remember REMOVED from when I was a chatmod. I have kicked him (and his now banned younger brother) about 20 times total. I don't know why, I just make allowances for younger users.. :(
  6. We are never worried about banning someone and losing members. Quality over quantity, we have banned plenty of people, including supporters.

    I also think it helps if you tell people "please dont yell, it is rude" rather than "no caps!" because no caps to a lot of people seems dumb and humans hate to follow directions without a logical reason.
  7. Why doesn't it let me like your post more than once?
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  8. Im going to try and get as many screenshots of her/him yelling throughout the course of a day or so, hopefully then you will understand the amount of times he/she yells. or spams caps.
  9. I have quite a few screenshots of REMOVED, and REMOVED is permanently ignored by me. I can post them here or in a separate conversation.
  10. thanks for your concern guys, i think i have some screenshots...
  11. At a strictly personnal level, I do not really mind caps when they are meant to attract attention in a chat where it's hard to notice anything (at times, I used to cap the key word of my sentences: ex: "I'm looking for ENDSTONE").

    Now, from a less individualistic perspective, the MC chat, without the "improved chat " mod is already cluttery and impractical enough as it is, and having players writing their griefs and shop ads with sentences entirely in caps can only worsen the experience of those using the global channel (i.e. the majority of players, since I've noticed that many of our younger members are oblivious to the holy "/ch" commands) and with the default MC chat. When the server has all 45 players on it, using all caps is just rude to others who are trying to piece up their own conversations among an already high ambient "noise".
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  12. There is a thread in moderator forums dealing with just this matter, and your personal opinion corresponds to general consensus regarding use of caps. :)
    I have been spending quite some time on smp2 since some complaints about it and warned REMOVED regarding caps repeatedly, as well as kicking him multiple times. I may look at something a little stricter like a 1 hour ban to maybe help him understand exactly how annoying it can be.
  13. thanks shaun, hopefully a 1 hour ban (when he needs it) will straighten him out
  14. I have a screenshot of REMOVED flying I just took. I'll PM Jeremy.
  15. Opps I voted for "we're not allowed to use caps?" without realising the question mark :/
  16. I don't think anyone posted screenshots.
  17. Sorry, but I tried to send them in. Macs don't like posting pictures online for whatever reason.
  18. Couldn't we just add something that if some percentage of the post was caps, it would be denied?
  19. That would be brilliant. Then we would never have this problem.
  20. "first hand"? how many people do you get angry? im certainly one of them
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