Capitalization =/= all caps

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  1. The rules specify that you are not permitted to write in all capitals. That does not mean, however, that you are prohibited from using the Shift key.

    Proper capitalization, which is typing the first letter of a sentence or proper noun as a capital, goes a long way to imbue your writing with more credibility.

    I fear that warnings from players and staff such as "no caps" sends the wrong messages and steers people away from proper technique. Instead, simply urge them to "not type in all caps".

    Also, if you happen to write a sentence in all caps and realize it just before you send it, don't apologize in the same line or finish the sentence in lower case, just delete it and write it out again.

    I'm just trying to make the world a better place.
  2. I agree! They should mute you if you swear/caps or anything wrong...
  3. I agree they should [-snip-] (took my chill pill and edited my post.)
  4. In game I don't usually use much capitalization or punctuation. The editing capability isn't even close to what you find here and I'm often pressed for time trying to keep up with chat or fending off mobs.

    Regarding using all caps: I think it's acceptable to use capitalize ONE or MORE words for emphasis and I do occasionally do this. Of course, some people don't understand the difference.
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  5. I Hate It When People Use A Capital Letter For Every Single Word They Type
  6. Then Why Might You Be Typing Like That I Might Ask?
  7. To Show An Example Of How Stupid And Annoying It Looks So Other People Can Relate To Me
  8. I Met a Guy who Capitalized Only the Important Words.
  9. How are the editing tools in the forums necessary for capitalization and punctuation? I almost never use any of the formatting options unless I'm making a special thread, otherwise I'm typing just as I would in-game.

    Keeping up with chat I can almost understand, but I've seen the chat orders more rapid than it is on average today and that doesn't change how I type. If you're in the Wilderness in a dire situation, type whatever you like. Most of these rules regarding chat really only apply to town chat anyway.

    I agree, and it doesn't help when people start spamming the chat with caps warnings just because someone wrote "I now have TWO villagers". As far as I'm concerned that is a perfectly acceptable way of expressing emphasis. Even when people say something like "HI", it's just one word but it's inevitably followed by a dozen lines from people telling them to stop. I ask you, what's more annoying; an innocent two letter word in capitals, or an entire pages worth of people spamming warnings?
  10. I can't stop looking at your signature....
  11. Lol same
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