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  1. I think if a person donates 20$ or more they should get a special EMC cape.
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  2. Perhaps, perhaps.

    But may I ask, what good would it do?
  3. Aesthethics

    Although I was thinking the other day that achievement capes would be kinda cool, like your cape is corresponding to an achievement you have
  4. What are capes? I have heard of them a little bit in the past but I thought it was a mod you installed?
  5. Mojang employees have capes with their logo. If you go to Minecon you get a special cape. There are also cape mods.
  6. Yeah, there would be no way for EMC to do so without use of a cape mod.
    And then, of course it would only be visible to those with the cape mod.
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  7. Thanks for the clarification.

    Giving out a perk that only people with a specific mod can enjoy wouldn't work well.
  8. I've seen it done before, but I'm actually not sure. Maybe we could get a mod in here?
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