Capes Mod User Database

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  1. Hi everyone!
    As it turns out, you actually can have a cape without working at Mojang or attending Minecon! It's called Minecraft Capes (NO WAI), and it is allowed here in EMC. Proof is here: Click! However, you can only see other people's capes if you have the mod. Therefore, I've decided to compile a database of all the people that play on EMC (and read the forums) that have the Capes Mod. The mod allows you to pick a cape from a gallery on the website or upload your own, which is really cool. The capes even float up when you walk, just like real capes!

    And now for the database part. To get in, it's really simple! Simply put your IGN and main server into a post and I'll put it in my database, hidden in a spoiler. The database here is always current.


    If you don't have the mod, and want to get it, go here!
  2. Squizzel_Boy - SMP2 and I have had a cape for months since about 1.0.0
  3. AlexHallon, SMP3 :)
    I don't have a cape yet and I'm working on my own, but I have the mod :)
  4. SecretAznEks - SMP2 and 7
    Haven't had my own cape, but I do have the mod.
  5. Going to make one now and get mod! Thanks for the cool info! Also might want to mention the HD texture skins thing too :D

    EDIT: here is what mine looks like works with my waffle king skin :D