Can't upgrade

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  1. I'm using magic Launcher to play MC. I have no idea how to upgrade. windows 7 if it matters.
  2. Magic Launcher doesn't seem to want to do it (even though it asked me every time I opened it the last few days). Just open the regular client and hit force update in the options. Then you can go back to using Magic Launcher.
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  3. Ok I found the update option and have started. I seem to be stuck.

    Retrieving: minecraft.jar 12% 88% 4%

    fatal error occured (4)

    I am thinking about uninstalling MC and reinstalling. I need to save my single player worlds. any idea how?
  4. Time to delete the entire bin folder...
  5. Option>Force update
  6. No, backup the bin folder and delete the minecraft.jar file, then try logging in normally.
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  7. I've copied the bin folder and pasted it to a separate folder. Is the minecraft.jar the same as .bin? What is the worst case scenario if I just delete and reinstall?

    I think I found it under md5s thingy

    Problem solved!

    Thank you AusQB, it worked. I had to youtube the .jar thing. I didn't know what I was looking for. What does .jar do?
  8. The bin folder is just the folder that contains all the main files that run Minecraft, with the minecraft.jar file being the meat of it all. Typically deleting just that one file will cause a normal update.

    The worst case in deleting the whole bin folder is you risk losing your custom minecraft.jar file if you haven't backed it up. Other than that, everything is restored when you run the launcher. If you delete the entire .minecraft folder, you will lose all personal data like statistics, screenshots and world saves, so it's generally a good idea to keep a backup of that anyway.
  9. JAR is just an archive filetype, similar to ZIP or RAR, developed by Java.