Cant resist showing this off a little..

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  1. Not finished yet, but just couldnt resist posting a little preview! This is in District 67 on smp3 if you want to take a look ( /v d1223m-4 ).

  2. Thats cool.
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  3. holy ship, I've never seen something so cool in minecraft
  4. Oh my gosh let me go get a GIF or this...
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  5. Now all you need is a cake at the top.
  6. Meh... needs more explosions.
  7. So.... cake at the top AND tnt?
  8. cake wouldnt fit its at the top of the world
  9. The whole thing was actually meant to be one block taller until i realised i had mis-calculated :rolleyes:
  10. :eek: My jaw dropped when I saw this
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  11. Well blow it up and try again... it must be perfect!
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  12. That's amazing...
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  13. Impressive! But besides that it's a tower, what is it? o:
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  14. Yet another epic fantasy castly thingy - as always :D
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  15. Oh dear! now you have to start all over :(
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  16. Awesome!!! Empire just keeps getting better!!!
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  17. That's beast!!! how long did it take to make?
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  18. Wow, thats awesome!
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