Can't open chests in the town

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  1. ... since reboot
    .... revert please?
  2. There just was a reboot. Should be fixed now.
  3. EDIT: fixed, can open now
  4. Really? I can't open them in the wild...
  5. Flag were inverted (by accident). Servers are being fixed as we speak. Current reboot will fix.

    EDIT: Commits reversed and fixed.
  6. oh how missing a single ! can cause catastrophic failures...

    The main problem is I wasn't intending to change chest, so I didn't test them....

    However, I cleaned up the code some overall (instead of duplicating crappy code) and replaced the chest code (and other containers) code to the newer, cleaner code too, and accidently inverted it.

    I have it tested and verified with a non staff account to go for next reboot this time :p

    (We normally test with non staff for permission changes, but due to the fact I wasnt 'intending' to change chest, it didnt get tested)
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  7. Thanks Aikar! ^_^
  8. <!--
    // Just roll out the dragon tombs, stop cleaning the code.
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