Can't Login to SMP6

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jakemhill, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Every time i attempt to connect to the server I get the error message "Internal exception: Connection reset"
    Any help? Also a brand new player (only managed to sign up if that makes a difference)
  2. Is your minecraft at 1.2.3? If it is, downgrade your minecraft to 1.1, as EMC is currently on 1.1, also, welcome to EMC!;)
  3. How would one go about downgrading?
  4. 1) Go to your ".minecraft" folder.
    2) Right click on "bin" folder.
    3) Click "Properties".
    4) Click "Previous versions".
    5) Click on the earliest "bin" folder. (Assuming you just upgraded and did nothing else)
    6) Click "Restore", and "Restore" again. It'll restore the older "bin" folder, and hopefully your previous minecraft 1.1 jar is restored too.
  5. Many thanks to you kind sir :D
    You are a gentlemen and a scholar.