Cant login to minecraft!

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  1. Hello,

    I have been trying to login into minecraft but it keeps saying cant connect to i restarted my pc, anyone else have this problem or know how i could fix it.
  2. Now we play the waiting game.
  3. same problem
  4. i went on and it cant even check the status for the servers and stuff, and when i go on it takes for ever to load.

    You would think with the amount of people that have bought minecraft and the money they are making they would be able to stop this from happening.
  5. I am getting soooooo unbelievably sick of seeing threads like this.
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  6. Your link is broken i have posted the correct link :)
  7. im pretty sure everyone has this problem and mojang is probably fixing bugs this has happened before
  8. Agreed but its good to put up so the community knows so we don't have multiple threads.
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  9. Well Spoken
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  10. When i go to it says this:


      Currently unable to check service status.

    • Mojang accounts website

      Currently unable to check service status.

    • Minecraft logins

      Currently unable to check service status.

    • Mojang accounts login

      Currently unable to check service status.

    • Minecraft multiplayer sessions

      Currently unable to check service status.

    • Minecraft skins

      Currently unable to check service status.
  11. Not to sure why its doing this never had this problem..
  12. Thats why i made this thread coz no one can seem to explain this to me.
  13. It's not exactly Mojang's fault that their stuff is down sometimes. They have their servers hosted through Amazon. There could be an issue on Amazon's end.

    According to the status page I use, their website and login are down.
  14. Well i can tell you that Minecraft Logins, and are currently down so all we can do is play the waiting game...
  15. Sir, sir calm down. I'm only asking you to stay calm and hug a creeper.
  16. Iv'e have had this problem for a few hours, and i am starting to get really pissed off, whether the problem is on Mojang or Amazons side! i can wait, its a good thing i got tekkit so I'm not bored out of my skull.<--- that shows how much i love EMC!Anyway, i personally think its on Amazons side because this hardly ever used to happen as far as I'm concerned, when they hosted on whatever they used to. even when it did happen, it was up within a half an hour.
    You would think with all the money they make off Minecraft that they would update or upgrade there hosting software or what-not. you guys agree with that?
    Edit: don't start a war over this. its just my PERSONAL opinion and everyone has a right to speak there mind.:D
  17. Well... No need to swear, or get this angry.
  18. Hey guys!
    its 9:35 EST and the logins are finally backup!! :)
    i'm not sure how long they will stay up, or if the fixed the issues so if they go back off-line, i'll post again.