Can't log into the servers

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  1. Not sure if something messed up when trying to create an account on this site. When I made my account, after putting in the Captcha and what not, it said something about a security error or on the next page and to go back to the registration screen. It kept giving me the error but I'm able to log in to my account so I assume it must have gone through.

    Now, when I try to log into any of the Empire servers, Minecraft gives me an error saying bad login. Am I doing something wrong here?
  2. This is a common MC problem. Restart Minecraft.
  3. Lol. Just read that somewhere else myself and was just coming back to reply that I figured it out. Thank you anyway though. =P
  4. when I try to get into the smp3 server it say: Internal exception: Connection reset.
    what does that mean? ( I am Dutch!)
    Can somebody help me because I want to play on the server again!
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  5. Did you upgrade?
  6. yes I did upgrade and I dont have an older version of minecraft!
    but this was even before upgrading!