can't log into the server

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  1. when i try to log into any severs i get this
    If any one know how to fix this I would be grateful
  2. Try restarting your Minecraft :)
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  3. I try that and restart my computer
  4. I think I'm going to use that quote of myself again...

  5. Hmm... tried restarting your internet from your router?
  6. Im amazing!

  7. I have done that.

    Keep on subject
  8. Updated Java?
    Force Updated Minecraft?
    Thrown computer out of window?
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  9. Try this:

    Open a command prompt on your computer by clicking on ‘Start’, ‘Run’, and typing ‘cmd’. If you have Windows 7, go to 'Start', 'Programs', 'Accessories', 'Command Prompt'.

    Type the following at prompt: ipconfig /flushdns.

    You should get the following message:
    Windows IP Configuration
    Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
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  10. and what is that supposed to do?
  11. The ipconfig /flushdns command flushes your Windows DNS cache. The DNS is what translates things like to an IP address like Windows saves some of these addresses in a cache and I'm guessing it may be the cause of your problem.

    If your DNS isn't working correctly, it's possible to get messages like in your screenshot: Unknown Host

    Since I can log onto the servers and I don't see a bunch of other threads with people complaining, I think the problem is local to your PC or your ISP. If it it were your ISP, you wouldn't be able to get to this website so I'm suggesting you flush your local DNS cache.

    It won't hurt anything, but may fix the problem.