cant log in! D:<

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  1. i cant log into minecraft,it says:
    can't connect to!
    can anyone explain this

    p.s this might have been a thread created already :p if so sorry
  2. I believe is down.

    Patience, young padawan.
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  3. yup is down so go to single player for a little bit
  4. Half of Amazon has crashed. Reddits gone down as well.
  5. DDos's? Nah, probably not. Highly unlikely.
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  7. Huge hardware issues at one of their nodes (AKA fire apparently)
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  8. Amazon servers are down. Just wait.
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  10. Good, now I can work on my CSP stuff.
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  11. Fire in the amazon server room caused this? I would like to know which employee is getting burned with it :p
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  12. No, their servers just went down. It's a technical issue. There was no fire in the Amazon server room.
  13. Thats pretty good because if their server room caught fire, I don't think we would be playing multiplayer for a while.
    (Unless of course mollstam found the fix he is working on :) )
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  14. Use the reply button in the bottom right corner :)
  15. I don't see what he can do about it, it's not a Mojang issue.
  16. Mollstam is making his own servers for Minecraft.
  17. looks like either the IP got reassigned or there is some DNS issues... is bringing up a hotel website now