cant join smp

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  1. i tried doing it today but it wont let me. is there a place i go to join an smp map?
  2. Which Version of Minecarft are you on 1.1 or 1.2.3?
  3. Have you gone through the little beginning tutorial? Are you using the newest version of Minecraft? Perhaps you got banned? Or maybe it's just full at the moment. Lots of ideas, I know. You should message an admin for more help.

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  4. Please provide more details, what error you get? what version of minecraft are you running? have you ever been banned? it's your internet connection ok?
    It's important so we can help you out bud :)
  5. Simplest solutions I can think of if:
    1. Go to your .minecraft folder located in %appdata% and delete your minecraft.jar located in the bin folder.

    2. Check that you haven't changed your connection port, if you don't know what this means, don't worry about it

    3. Check your firewall. This has caused me issues in the past before.

    I hoped this helped
  6. Without more specific info it is difficult to help, like copherfield said