Cant Join Server Main

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  1. Hi there I cannot seem to join the server. I keep getting a java error or if i leave it to do its thing an end of connection report.

    Please help jeremy or justin.

    This is very annoying for me.

  2. This is also happening to me.
  3. hmmm very strange right? And i get quite anoyed and start clicking randomly on my comp and then a java error pops up and I have to click to end the java process and so minecraft closes too. Fluff did this happen to u to?
  4. Pretty much.
  5. zzzzz lol so annoying zzzzz
  6. ( the main game server ) is having issues, you won't be able to connect to any online server. Sorry nothing I can do about it.
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  7. i was on for a while, its like a 1 in a 1000 chance youll get through the verification properly. but now i cant connect lol.
  8. thanks Justin, hope to be on soon :)
  9. Justin I can log into the game, but i cannot seem to join the server, does this fall under the having problems?
  10. the error with is its verification process, so even if you manage to login to the client you probably wont be able to log in to a server easily

    edit: maybe work on your single player world for a bit while you wait?
  11. Or maybe even go outside or go to sleep, depending on your timezone.
  12. :p i cant sleep. i have a cat to care for
  13. lol im in nz ive just been out with my parents for a dinner at a bar, 3 pints of beer still keen for minecraft :0
  14. beer and building, your gonna wake up tomorrow with randow misplaced blocks, just you watch :D
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  15. Haha, now if i can just find a pint of beer in the server hmmmmm........
  16. i forsee a milk bar build in the immediate future.....but where to get the cows...
  17. How long might it take until we can log on to the server again?
  18. I dont think it is emc having problems i cant connect to any server.
  19. it will take as long as it takes. we will all just have to wait patiently until the problem gets fixed. :) maybe read a book? im rereading The Chronicles of Amber. :)
  20. Everything seems to be working again. You may log in now.