can't find blue hilighting for free res

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by See_men, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Why can't I see the blue? Is it a specific shade or what? Personally, I suggest that the color changes to yellow or even black. If you know of an open res, please tell me. I would really like a res. Thank you!
  2. 708 and 709 are open
  3. Did you get a res? If you don't mind me asking what browser and version of it are you using? Does the map load for you, but you just don't see the blue highlighting?
  4. If you are on a XP OS you won’t see the blue highlighting or res numbers when you hover over pots. (At leased in my experience with my work computer which has XP)
  5. What browser though?
  6. Yeah I figured that was the case. I can look into it but the live map is so much javascript I would highly recommend Chrome (or FF).
  7. or rockmelt....just sayin rockmelt is chrome with added features of epicness
  8. Not to start a debate, but Internet Explorer should never be used, ever.
  9. Also not to start a debate, but I don't like the idea of letting a company track my every move on the internet ;)
  10. huh people are tracking my every move? huh i thought they did that already.....
  11. Lol, everyone does track you on the internet, that is the entire business model of a lot of big technology companies (how do you think Facebook makes money?).
  12. i knew that you made it sound mysterious and evil so long as they dont do anytihng bad with it idc lol