Cant download 1.6.2

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    As the title says, i cant download 1.6.2 :(
    When i go to Mojang and click Save, then run, it says "Minecraft (101).exe contained a virus and was deleted" I have watched many different videos from Youtube, but none have helped.
    IF any of you guys have any advice/help on how to fix this, i would really appreciate it :)
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  2. Yea, i really dont know what to do :confused: But thanks :)
  3. Not helpful. And you won't get a good response for that on this community of Windows lovers.

    Uh, Have you got the new launcher yet?
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  4. No not yet, That is what i am trying to get :/ It just says that it was deleted Minecraft.exe was a virus and was deleted
  5. Is there a way you can turn your anti virus off? Thats if it's what is causing the problem.
  6. What browser are you using?
  7. So you're trying to download Minecraft.exe?
  8. you have the new launcher correct?
  9. No i dont have the new launcher, thats what im trying to download :/
  10. Yes, then when i do, it says that it had a virus and it was deleted. I put the file into minecraft again, but it still says "it contained a virus and was deleted".
  11. I will try that thank you. :)
  12. I am currently using safari and Internet Explorer.

  13. In all seriousness, try chrome. :)
  14. All right, so i just start to use google chrome now?
  15. Perty much
  16. Alright thanks, ill try it out
  17. I'm not saying that will work though lol. I use chrome all the time without problems and I'm just throwing that out there because generally IE is a pain in the rear end.
  18. When you download files with Internet Explorer, if there is already a file with the same name in the download folder, it renames the new one: filename, filename(1), filename(2), filename(3), and so on. I'm not sure when this was added but I'm using IE 10 on Windows 7.

    If LuckyPat has a "minecraft (101).exe", it probably means he has 102 copies of the file. I'm curious, since if his virus scanner were really vaulting or deleting the "infected" file each time, there should only be one file named "minecraft.exe".

    LuckyPat - What do you mean by the underlined part above? If it's been deleted, then how are you able to put it anywhere? You shouldn't have to move the file anyway and can run it where it was saved to. I have a Minecraft folder in my Downloads folder where I keep all my Minecraft files and I have a shortcut on my Desktop that points to minecraft.exe there. You can simply run the program from the downloads folder by making a shortcut to it and putting it on your Desktop. Also, what virus scanner are you using? Is it up to date? Is there any other security software running?

    I was able to download minecraft.exe a few minutes ago and scanned it with no threats found. It sounds like there may be something running on your machine that's infecting files as you download them.

    Before I do anything else, I would make sure your virus scanner is up to date and do a full scan. Then download Malwarebytes and run it. If you know how to run it in Safe mode, do it. If it finds anything, have it remove the threats and run it again until it doesn't find anything.

    Once you think your PC is clean, click on this link in Internet Explorer
    When it asks you whether to Run or Save, select Save. Make sure that your browser doesn't get redirected to some other site. My Save dialog says, "Do you want to run or save minecraft.exe from If it's some other site, you still have some cleanup to do.
    Once the download is done, click Open Folder. Tell us what you see there. I expect you'll have a bunch of
    "minecraft.exe (999)" files. If so delete all but the minecraft.exe file.
    Most virus scanners allow you to scan a folder or file by right clicking to scan only the selected object. Scan minecraft.exe and see if it gets flagged as an infected file. I expect it will be ok at this point.
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  19. Thanks a lot :) I will try this, and i am going to have a friend come over and try to fix it (he is good with computers) :)
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