cant create alt acount

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  1. i am on a boat right now so my typeing might mess up (they are missing letters on the keyboard so i am using the touch controls) so i created a alt acount on i tried createing a emc acount for it and it says (could not find minecraft acount) i havent gotton the time to use the alt acount that i made. can somebody help.
  2. Did you make sure you bought the account, or did you just sign up?
    It might be since your in a boat the payment is taking a while to send.
    Hope this helps :)
  3. Buy Minecraft.
  4. i bought the acount before i got on the boat at my freinds house she dident have minecraft andwouldent let me download it so mabey i need to play on a server or log into the minecraft luancher.
  5. and yes like i stated in my comment above i did buy minecraft for my alt acount about 2 days ago.
  6. something is wrong with the way of becoming a part of emc the only good way now is to attempt to join the server and it will give you a temp password to register
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  7. ok i will try when i get home in a couple of days since im driveing from newfoundland to ontario.