Can't connect.

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  1. Hello, I joined the server today and found it the most enjoyable server i have found so far. But once i logged out and came back a bit later to try and log onto the server i get an error saying "Connection Lost Failed to login: Bad Login" The connection is 2/5 bars at most times.
  2. This happens a lot with Minecraft

    You need to close Minecraft all the way, wait a few minutes, then open it up and start again.
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  3. That worked, but now i have a problem saying all Free slots are full when there are 45 / 100 players online. If the free slots are only 45 i think they should be at 65 /100
  4. The server limit is 45, but it can go a little over 45 because supporters can always join. The 100 is misleading, the server couldn't handle that.
  5. This is why you get slot reservation for 2 minutes after you disconnect.. it prevents crashes of messing with your slot :3
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  6. Oh great, restarted minecraft and now i get "Server Unreachable" and "Communication Error"
  7. For further instructions ask your computer xD
  8. Alright, managed to connect! Thanks for all your help. I think this can be locked now.
  9. i cant connect either... my error is different though. each time it does the normal login in thing and then the downloading terrain but the it comes up with this: internal exception: read timed out. please can someone help!
  10. Try setting your "number of transmit buffers" to 512 in your Ethernet card settings. Also if you have more than one network card disable them except for the one your using as there could be a conflict.

    Some other program using most of your bandwidth while downloading the map can cause this problem too apparently.

    What network card do you use?
  11. i use a netgear rather than ethernet. i dont know why it isnt woking because i havent changed anything since yesterday so it should still work.
  12. The errors always happen: its natural.