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  1. Hello guys at 11:30am Sunday eastern time I cannot connect to if anyone else is having the same problem please comment below.
  2. I already created a thread -_-

    Let's try not to make more threads.
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  3. where is the link? I already looked on the active thread part and I didn't see it. so I'm sorry.. and it must of happened recently cause my mc crashes on me like every 5 mins and this is the first time around this period of time that it told me can't connect to I have no reason to make random threads.. I made this so people know it isn't just them that aren't able to connect.
  4. Plus I made my thread 2mins before you so.. you shouldn't be talking..
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  5. But mine looks prettier...
  6. That is an opinion my good friend not a fact ;)
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  7. It's the thought that counts ;)
  8. Since when does it not? But there was no need for you to make it seem like I spam the forums when I posted this thread before you so you should delete that comment and I'll delete this one.
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