Cant connect on ANY server.

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  1. Title says all. It says "Can't reach server"
  2. Im having trouble too :(
  3. Everyone is
  4. I cant reach any either D:
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  5. same here, are the mojang servers down again?
  6. Yeah, im having issues too.

    Its telling me " Connection refused: connect "...
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  7. surely, it cant be the update :confused:
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  8. it probably is probably them removing the Halloween stuff.
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    Legend is probably right.
    Must be our side mojangs fine according to that link and that website is accurate
  10. And i was just about to go candy hunting lol!
  11. so if legend is right, is Halloween candy worth much now?
  12. No I can log onto other servers
  13. Same. I would hope that it has to do with updates for 1.7, but that is just me guessing, lol.
    I saw all mobs freeze, then disconnected me, now when I tried to connect it says
    "Connection refused: Connect"
    or on SMP5 "Sorry, you can only be connected to one SMP server at a time" <-- just got onto SMP5

    first saw 7 down, then 1,2,7,9.. then utopia and the rest but 5 went down.
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  14. the price will probably go up, since more heads cant come into the world...
  15. we were given until today to mass produce candy. The only way to get it now is through halloween pumpkins
  16. Or aikar is updating the servers to 1.7???
  17. Good timing for me to set up a candy shop right as it went down?
  18. I still have candy YUS! (Ima eat it)
  19. I doubt it. SMP5 is still online.
  20. I'm going to try the servers aagain
  21. I saw aikar post on chat yesterday that he was planning to get rid of the Halloween stuff today although he could be updating to 1.7.2 also.