Cannot set bed spawn in netehr at night !

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  1. Dont ask me now, live map show night, placed a bed. but cant sleep on it. Why..
  2. if you are talking about the nether, you can't set spawn unless you shift click on a bed as a supporter, but other than that, the bed will explode in the nether.
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  3. Negative. bed dont explode. shift click dont work. and its pretty lame to only give supporters spawn setpower at night. good reason to stop thinking buying more rupees if only supporters can set span at night . everybody need to have the option to set spawn at night. unless dat and night are opposite from overworld and nether.

    No,No and no. you cant set spanw if your not supporter ?? i think there's a bug. else its pretty silly and bad.
  4. That's vanilla game mechanics. By default you can NEVER set bed in the nether or end.

    We broke vanilla to allow supporters to set it, but soon all players will be able to set bed due to EULA requirements.
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  5. Och.. ok thanks Aiker. that ruines gameplay.
  6. Well, you could always set your bed in vanilla, you just could never sleep in it without it exploding. EMC games mechanics allow you to simply set your spawn point without having to actually sleep there.
  7. how so? I don't quite see the logic, is it honestly necessary to set your spawn in such a dangerous place as the nether lol? and anyway, as Aikar said, it will soon be changing
  8. Nether dangerous. its more safe then overworld many times. except the hounds :)
    and i need to dig a long way back to spawn. so its nicce of you can set sleeping points.
  9. You can set bed in wild (frontier) and waste, just not in end or nether. I suggest you make a nether portal where you would have put bed in nether, step thru and set bed right beside portal in wild/frontier or waste. That way if you die, just step through portal. You may want to hide the portal in the wild/frontier under a fake hill or something.
  10. Make a nether portal and then set up a quick camp in the overworld. Set your bed and spawn point and then go back to the nether. This works very simply to take you near to your position if you die. If you go back to nether spawn, go to the wild and drown yourself and you will respawn at your bed. It's just a matter of being organized when you are building/playing.

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