Cannot resolve hostname

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  1. Hey guys! i cant log in! i can log into other servers and my internet is fine... but i cannot log onto smp4 and is shows that people are online playing!

    What in the world do i do?

  2. This might sound silly, but you're using ?
  3. Try using the ip or just
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  4. I would suggest trying to flush your DNS. Providing you're on Windows, open up the Command Prompt and enter "ipconfig /flushdns". Hope that helps!
  5. isn't coming up as on for me... is (but i've never used so it's kind of weird.
  6. actually i typed into the url and it didn't come up either... maybe he forgot to pay for the renewal? (or disabled the dns) ?
  7. The urls are down, and that means we can't use to report this bug hahaha
  8. Lol they all work for me.
  9. just to update on what happened - I had moved the DNS off of the current provider to my own I use for everything else, as I'm about to migrate the site to the EMC infrastructure instead of where its currently at (Faster server, cheaper, inside the network so some things can be done more effeciently)

    but, I had a syntax error in the file that made the entire domain fail to have any DNS.

    But that's all fixed, but I recommend switching to anyways - as thats now the "preferred" URL's, and one day we might drop since its purpose was to be shorter, and we have for shortness.
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