cannot login and not sure why..

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MeaLoveLeigh, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. So I have played for maybe a week or two on smp9 and today I go to play but it wont let me connect, it just says join free for instant access at: code: -----. but I have already made an account as you can see so im not sure what to do, please someone help mehh.
  2. hey i took out that code, but i would advise you change your password.. just in case. That code works similar to a password, i will pass this message a long to those that can help :)
  3. And you are sure you on on your account? If anyone else in the house plays minecraft their profile may be saved and thereforeyou do not have an account on their profile.
  4. Please try to login again, assure that it is YOUR account that you logged in as. If it happens again please reply here and will work to fix the issue. Thanks. :D
  5. I am on my account, I just double checked and it is still saying the same thing.. I restarted my minecraft completely and logged out of the forum and back it but it still shows that msg. I have even tried to log into some of the other servers to see if its just smp9 but I cannot log into any of them. :(
  6. Can you try restarting the computer? Just in case.
  7. IT WORKED :D I'm not sure what was wrong with it but it works now. thank you to everyone for helping lel :)
  8. Yay!