Cannot lock dropper.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by VoxelRay, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. I cannot lock a dispenser ! Terrible. and the wiki clearly state.

    I have seen more problems with items i cannot lock, But i really need to have a locked dispenser !
  2. The title says lock dropper but the post says dispenser. Confused face is confused :confused:
  3. You need to place the sign exactly above the dropper , needs to be:

    sign/air(i put air because most of the block space ,in which the sign is, is air
  4. Well, I just locked one fine, you sure you are putting the sign directly above?
  5. Remember that you cannot lock in the wastelands and the sign must be directly above the dropper.
  6. Thats all what i did, in wilderness and straigt above the dropper.
    "could not find lockavle item below the sign. unless you cannot lock a sign on wool with dispense runder it.


    Do locking all the time with chests. its on smp9
  7. Problem solved :)
  8. Ok, user error :eek::oops: Above the sign where just different above the dispenser. :oops: Now i know what did go wrong all the time.