Cannot Connect now a member ?

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  1. Hi,

    Found your server last night, really enjoyed it.
    Started making a place in the wasteland, so I decided to join up this morning.
    Will probably become a supporter real soon (very new to minecraft).

    Just tried to login to the server and it states:

    "Connection Lost - Failed to login: Bad login"

    Does it take a while for new member details to go through the system ?
    My minecraft details are correct ? any ideas ?

    Please advise,

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  2. Update:

    Strangely it only seems to be the an issue with the download game, logs in fine in browser ?
    I prefer not to use browser to play tho :(
  3. Thanks for joining the Empire!

    I have this problem sometimes playing with the downloaded version (on any server). What you need to do is close Minecraft completely and wait a few minutes, then open it back up. Also make sure someone (like a friend) is not using your account. The bad login means that the original login the server gave you is no longer valid. If you suspect fowl play log into and change your password.
  4. As Justin said. If you didn't give your name/pw out to anyone or put it in any weird sites, it was most likely just a MC glitch that hopefully gets fixed someday, haha.
  5. hey i was wondering how to become a supporter if i dont have paypal? any help would be appreciated
  6. Unfortunately at this time PayPal is the only way. The reason for this is that I am the only developer for both the website and game server. Adding other payment options will require more work. The reason I chose PayPal is because we are not a large company (we just do this for fun as a hobby) and they manage all the billing / billing disputes / etc. We don't have the staff you would need to support taking credit cards directly. I have considered adding a PayPal type alternative like Google Checkout, but you would still have to have a Google account to use it.