Candy Land!

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    I would just like to introduce a new project that SMP6 have been working on for a few days, and that creation is Candy Land .
    Candy Land is an amusement park I have been thinking up in my head for quite some time. It was only the other day, when I got Gold Supporter, that I could really throw this into play.
    So, a few chests full of wool later, we are done! It took us around one whole day of work to finish, but it was successful.
    Complete with some mouth-watering pixel art, 5 different attractions (many more to come!), friendly workers, I would totally suggest this one to the young, and young at heart, players on this server!

    Candy Land is located on SMP6, at my second residence, 13069. We have lotteries, daily dance competitions, showbag giveaways, kind owners and attraction-runners and also Spleef.

    At this moment in time, we are in need of many workers. Here is a list of those positions required:
    -Lottery stand runner
    -Ticket seller
    -Attraction runner (4)
    -Suppliers (Contact for info if I accept job application)
    -Residence Part Time Manager (Must buy minimum 3k Share in business)

    Ticket Costs:
    Single Pass: 50r.
    Double Pass: 90r.
    Four Pass: 160r.
    Date Pass: 200r, includes free return tickets, two love apples and a diamond piece of equipment of your choice, no enchants.
    Season Pass(1 MONTH): 400r, includes free Division One Lotto ticket for ANY game you'd like.
    Enderman Haters Pass: 660r (Two People) (Free Ender Haters Showbag each!)
    The Three Amigos: 340r (Spleef: Choose your corner first DEAL) (Showbag each of choice)

    Wood Chopper: Diamond Axe, 2 Stacks of wood (You Choose!!). 150r
    The Multi Tasker: 2 Stacks of cobblestone, 2 stacks of oak or jungle planks. 200r
    Ender Haters: 2 Ender Pearls, 2 Diamonds, Sword of any choice. 300r

    Sorry for lack of showbags, we only opened today. (12/7/12)

    Pictures of res as thumbnails down here, and thanks for reading this terribly long thread! I will also be at the Grand Opening in 50 minutes at the residence.

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