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  1. My not-so-recent thread I posted a couple of months ago was when my father was at stage three lung cancer. None of the treatment plans worked, and my father is now at stage four. The large, bright fire of hope that once was in my heart is now a piece of coal. My father, at the most, has two weeks to live. The dramatic change that happened to his exterior is extremely obvious.What used to be an energetic man with a warm smile is now a thin, weak man. I've never dealt with this much grief in my fourteen years of life.

    I don't and never wanted to make this post so selfish, but is their anything I can do to be with him more while he is slowly dying? I have already taken this day off to spend time with him, but academics is important, but not as much as my dad. I really want to make these last weeks with him meaningful. Now that I am looking, there are tissues scattered all across my desk from me subconsciously tearing up periodically and wiping my face. If you have any advice, I will be more than happy to read what you have to say. EMC is the best therapist.
  2. Ask him if there's one thing he ever wanted to do that he hasn't done, what it would be. Try to get the top few things on his list that you can make happen and spend the next few weeks making it happen :)

    Ex. if there's some park nearby, an amusement park, going for a ride on a boat, etc.

    EDIT - Maybe try asking him about some of his favorite memories? Get some stories from him to pass on :)
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  3. Oh my gosh, Im so sorry! My dad is still living, but reading this makes me grateful that he's alive. If you need any one to talk to, come to me. I'd do any thing to make you feel better.

    Also do what Haro said
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  4. Just spend as much time with him as possible, I have been in the same situation as you, there isn't much to say, it's such a depressing topic, all you have to do is love him and be with him as much as you can, I am deeply saddened by this as it brings back memories I liked pushing to the back of my mind, I went through it and it sucked, but just stay strong, this amazing EMC community is here for you, I wish you the best!
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  5. Do what he loved to do before cancer, My Grand-father had cancer and the last thing I did with him was play tennis. Tennis was his all time passion. One small tip pretend there is no cancer that everything is normal, It makes him feel better. Just spend time with him and have a wonderful time.
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  6. I've dealt with the same thing. my grandmother had cancer sadly after having it for 10 years she died. I feel so sorry for you
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  7. You should inform the school about the situation you are facing, and they will most likely understand. It always helps to have a doctors note, in case they think you are lying. (Don't know why, some schools think that people would lie and skip for two weeks.)

    You should ask your father about some memories that he remembers about his life, and write them down in a journal so you do not forget them. This journal could be passed on from generation to generation, growing in size.

    If your father has a bucket list, and he can still do some of the items on the list, try to make them happen. This is one of the best ways to make some of his dreams come true.

    One final thing: Don't give up hope. There are medical miracles that happen all of the time, and some of them are impossible to explain. No matter how small of a percentile exists, IT IS STILL THERE.

    Whatever happens from here on out will not be easy. Keep hope, and I will hope for the best for your father, also.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about that. Spend lots of time with him if you can, you will want to and he will want that too. Spend time doing fun things and things that you or he enjoys, or do things that either of you have always wanted to do. He will be happier if you can be happy too, that's what he wants for you. Spend time with him and enjoy it.
  9. sorry to hear about this
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  10. While I would never disregard education, you have to ask yourself.
    What will you remember in 20 years.
    Two weeks with a loved one, or two weeks going to school and not ever being able to have that time.
    Use your time wisely. Remember, at least you have time, which not all of us has had.
    My sympathies. Be sure everything you wish to say is said.
  11. I can relate, My mother died in her sleep due to a heart attack... I hope he lives. <3
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