[CANCELLED] Birthday Drop Party! Various Promos/High Stated Horses Dropped!

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  1. Description: In Celebration of my 21st Birthday, I will be holding a huge Drop Party for everyone to participate! This Drop Party will feature various Promos, Valuables and a whooole lot of horse eggs!

    Date/Time: October 25th @ 3pm EMC TIME (or right after Sunday Afternoon Horse Races Special Event)

    Location: /v 18323 on smp9

    Dropped Item List (Subject to change!!!):

    Non-Promo Horses:
    1 DC 120-125 Speed Horses
    1 DC 126-129 Speed Horses
    1 DC 90-99 Jump Horses
    9 130+ Speed Horses
    9 100+ Jump Horses

    3 USED Dancer Promo
    1 USED Rudolph Promo
    5 UNUSED Cupid Bows
    2 Eggifying Wands
    3 2015 Birthday Cakes

    1 Stack Diamond
    1 SC Saddles
    32 Ender pearls

    Donations ARE being accepted! You can donate at /v 18323 or you can mail me!
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  2. Will be there ;)
  3. Do you accept banana vouchers as donations?
  4. Happy Birthday

    EDIT: First person to actually say Happy Birthday on this thread! Woot Woot!
  5. Thanks for the list of things that you are giving. It relieved my stress because I don't have much items for my DP. It worried me when people said they had 25-30 DC's of items. ;)

    Also, Happy 25th birthday!
  6. Everyone I'm guessing this is canceled do to some in game reasons but I'll let pho explain.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.