Canadian Story! (A Holiday Story.)

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make anther story! So, you know how it's Canadian Day and all of that, right? Well, I decided to make a story! I hope you enjoy it, :D.
    The Canadian Story! (Made by: HelloKittyRo)
    One day, RainbowChin and SydneyDoesMc where strolling along a Rainbow-Path, RainbowChin had built. They where talking and talking about July 1st and the Holiday that was on it. Wait a minute!, Said SydneyDoesMc. It's July 1st! RainbowChin thought that was silly, although, she did go check her calendar. So, SydneyDoesMc went with her. So, RainbowChin had found out something, something good. SydneyDoesMc was correct, and SydneyDoesMc said, "Do you know what Holiday it is?" RainbowChin laughed, he had said Yes, It's Canadian Day. SydneyDoesMc was excited! So, they started a Canadian Adventure! They did games, like Find the Diamond. RainbowChin had hid a Diamond in His Res, so, SydneyDoesMc had to go hunting for it. This was the hint he told Sydney; It's a Diamond, It's White and Red, The Canadian Colors. So, it had only took Sydney about 20 minutes to find it. Then, RainbowChin found it after Sydney hid it for Rainbow. They had a great time playing the game! And as a special treat, Rainbow was hosting a Mob Arena event at 4:00, EMC Time. SydneyDoesMc was the Co-Host of it, so, she helped RainbowChin. She stayed and watched what was going on. And then after round 1 ended, she saw the RachelDoesMC4LIFE (A fake player made up.) bragging that she won. So, Sydney brought Rainbow, and Rainbow saw this madness. So, Rachel got muted for 1 whole day. Then, something like that didn't ever happen again. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this story! Bye
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