=-=Canada Day=-=

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Maple Syrup 1 vote(s) 100.0%
    The 148th Canada Day is HERE!!!! :D :D :D
    To Celebrate i want everyone to put on
    their cheesy Canada day Shirts and be Canadian for a day :D
    Ehhhhhh is something u have to say at least 10 times :D
    You absolutely love Maple Syrup
    You can tell the difference between USA and Canadian Bacon
    And you love free healthcare =P

    Again Happy Canada Day Enjoy yourself be as ehhhh'ful as you can :D
    Can we get 1 mod take a picture of themselves with a cheesy red/white shirt?
    I dare the moderators/mods in training
    I dare the Sr.Staff/other lime green names =P
    And I sure didn't miss you developers :D
    And Finally Aikar and Krysyyjane9191 maybe Maxarias?