Can you use some Mods like zan's minimap on EMPIREMINECRAFT

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  1. Zan's minimap is a helpful mod that never make you lost...

    so admins/ mods/ members can i use zan's minimap on empireminecraft
  2. From what i can see this mod should be ok as it doesnt really offer any unfair advantages to you over others. Jeremy or Justin will have to make final call though.
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  3. ohaider shaun :p I messaged you about a flyer but he was just a glitcher :3
  4. yeah sometimes it can look like someone is flying, but it is just lag and glitches :) but we appreciate your vigilance.
  5. I'm sure this mod (or one like it) is already in use by Twitch1.
  6. If you don't want to get lost, just use the Live Map. I'd personally gather have the live map than a minimap.
  7. Right you are. :)
    Acceptable mods?
  8. I know you guys are super busy but maybe someday we can get some Spoutcraft add-on support for things like mini-maps, improved chat, and improved loot organization?

    Pretty low on the priority list, I know, but I have grown quite fond of Spout and don't want to go back to the regular client :(
  9. did you even click on the link he provided in the post over you?..
  10. Yeah, I have read through it a few times. Nothing about spout that I saw. Just how to modify the client side if you are using the regular game client.

    I, and many others, use Spout to play the game and it doesn't allow you to change those game files. But they have a new add-on system and server admins can elect to allow certain ones to be used.
  11. I personally, love the default minecraft window, AND default texturepack.
  12. I used the defaults since 2009 and just eventually wanted a change. I recently have really gotten into trying new texture packs. Currently my favorite is Ovo's Rustic. I also love the idea of adding a mini map because my internet connection just can't handle live map and minecraft at the same time. Not that I am complaining, I deal with it. But a guy can certainly dream of using Spout add-ons and I don't think it is entirely unreasonable to ask.
  13. is there ANY benifit at all? like any advantage's what so ever?
  14. If you read through the acceptable mods link you would know that mini maps and improved chat are acceptable mods since they do not provide an advantage over another player.
  15. Audifan was asking if there is any advantage to using Spoutcraft, not to the mods. :)
    I am not familiar with Spoutcraft, but I do know that they are proud of their client because not allowing modifications makes it a much more secure client, according to the developers.
    I do not believe there is much in the way of an advantage as you can accomplish the exact same things using the default client and improved chat mod...
  16. Thanks for clearing that up for me Twitch. Yeah I use Spout for three reasons. First, it allows me to try a bunch of texture packs without much fuss because it has integrated support (no texture patcher for me). Second, it lets me try the builds that come out before Empire is ready for us to update (I played 1.0 on spout and left the regular client for Empire). Finally, I like how it has a lot of extra control and graphics options. Hope that all made sense.
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  17. you can run spout on all three smp servers... but not utopia... for some strange reason. I use spout sometimes.. but not enough for that to bother me.
  18. in my own personal opinion, i belive that the mini maps should be perfectly fine. (not saying that they are. this is just an opinion)
    i feel that some players may prefer to have a little mini map up rather than a live map. i mean, if you think about it, the live map is better because it shows player locations and such, and mini maps only show Teriann.
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