can you turn off water freezing in you res?

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  1. can you turn off water freezing in you res?
  2. I wish. I have a problem with that too. What I do is put a light source near it or put a roof over it. It's very annoying.
  3. I know someone who puts glowstone under their water and that seems to do the trick.
    Also: Justin, Freeze flag please? :) I know you're busy but you would be loved (even more) for it! :D
  4. whats your res number, I want a res that freeze water
  5. You're thinking about ice farming aren't you... :)
  6. No -.- making an ice rink
  7. What server is this on? The water is just fine on my SMP 4 res.
  8. Ahh... Me likey that idea :)
    It occurs on every server in ice biomes located in town.
  9. i think some towns are on snow biomes or something idk
  10. You cant ice farm right now but Jeb said that he will likely add that you get ice blocks in 1.3 with silk touch.
  11. I know, I know. But preparation exists you know :p
  12. True, but who knows how long till 1.3
  13. It could be coming out tomorrow, none of us know :)
    (I doubt it though)
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  14. Jeb said in the summer
  15. Swedish summer? US summer? UK summer - oh sorry, that doesnt exist. He could have meant any and is trying to stop people hastling him.
  16. Australia summer... :p wait another 7 months :D
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  17. You don't necessarily need a freeze res to have an ice rink, you can put ice and as long as there are no light sources nearby then it will stay frozen.
  18. Step 1: Wait for 1.3 to come out.
    Step 2: Obtain a Silk Touch pickaxe.
    Step 3: Freeze a large pool of water.
    Step 4: Mine the ice.
    Step 5: Set up a shop chest.
    Step 6: ???
    Step 7: PROFIT!

    Alternate Method:
    Step 1: Wait for 1.3 to come out.
    Step 2: Freeze a large pool of water.
    Step 3: Charge people to mine the ice on your res.
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: PROFIT!