Can you help me with this probolem?

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  1. My twelve year old brother desperately whants to get minecraft, it's just that my parents can't trust him around the big servers, so at the moment he isn't allowed to get an account. Do any of you know a mod I can install for him that can turn the chat of but without him being able to know how to re-enable it, or is there some mod that can only allow certain servers that have been programmed, I would feel really sad If he missed out, please can someone suggest a way to put parental controls on his account so he can't talk to people on the big servers. I have tryed serching about on the Internet but I haven't found anything to cater for this, please help ;) - newo88
  2. Just log on, say /ch off, and then tell him he can play.
  3. when he makes a account and logs on this server do /ch off it will turn of his chat
  4. I don't wish to sound rude, and I understand completely about their choice, but my 11 year-old brother plays on the servers all the time, and is probably more mature then me! But, yes, if on Empire, he can just type /ch off

    (My brother has gotten Administrator and Moderator several times :confused:)
  5. I know about / ch off but he can just turn it back on again, and it won't solve the probolem on other servers
  6. Then don't let him play on the server.
  7. F1 maybe? That also removes the inventory though....
  8. I'm sure that i've seen a mod like that before. Also if you know JAVA this can easly be coded.
  9. If he's really that much of a nuisance, either just buy him an account or don't let him play here.
  10. We would but how do we stop him when were not about
  11. Change the PW on MC, have a password for your wifi network.